juice roundup: orange county


I’ve been a big fan of juice for a few years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type of person who can go on a multiple day juice cleanse, but I like doing a one day juice cleanse or substituting a meal for a juice. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying a lot of the juice shops popping up all over Orange County, and without a doubt, Juice Served Here is by far my favorite shop! The juices are delicious, fresh, and they have endless of options to meet every taste.

Since I love juice so much, here’s a list of some of the juice shops in Orange County I’ve tried! Let me know in the comments if you have a different shop you like to go to!

Juice Served Here: My favorite! Their new location in Lido Marina Village is a restaurant. If you ever find yourself there, their avocado smash is to die for!
Located in Newport Beach

Nekter Juice Bar: This is always a good juice shop if you’re looking for something fresh and with a lot of options. They have everything from juices, to smoothies, to acai bowls.
Located throughout Orange County

Growl Juice Pub: The idea of this juice shop is cool – the juices are served in glass containers and have a shelf life to about 3 days. This means the juices are probably made day of and are not pasteurized. They are good!
Located in Old Towne Orange

Pressed Juicery: I’m not going to lie, I’m not crazy about their juices. However, their freeze (a juice alternative to frozen yogurt) is super tasty!
Located in Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach 

Banzi Bowl: No juices here, but they have smoothies and acai bowls!
Located in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Huntington Beach

bomber jacket


Who doesn’t love a good bomber jacket? I mean, they’re the BOMB! I got this one from Sanctuary and I absolutely love it! I especially love these jackets during the summer because they’re light weight and can be thrown over jeans, shorts, or a dress. I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person that needs to have a jacket on at night time, no matter the temperature, so this one is the perfect alternative to my favorite leather jacket!


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hawaii roundup


Hello MAUI! Maui has always been a special place in my family, we have been going there since before I can walk. Growing up, we used to always stay in the Puamana homes in Lahaina, Maui. However, in recent years, we ventured down to Wailua. I honestly don’t know what one I prefer, but I have to say, Puamana has a special place in my heart for me. It’s a beautiful community, it has a pool directly on a sea wall, and you can walk directly outside to the ocean.

One of my best purchases recently has been my own set of snorkeling gear. I bought a travel set by U.S. Diver and it made such a difference. There’s nothing worse then going to a beautiful snorkeling location and having your snorkel gear fog up and the flippers fall off your feet. I absolutely love the small fins on these snorkels and how comfortable it was to move through the water!

This trip, I was determined to find a waterfall. You see, when my family and I go on vacation to Hawaii, my parents and sister prefer laying out by the pool and tanning. Being a pale redhead, I’m not crazy about tanning all day because I get a heat rash… So I prefer to go on adventures during the day instead. So this year my boyfriend and I went chasing waterfalls, a.k.a., we went to the Road to Hana. We stopped two or so miles in to go into the Twin Falls waterfall. My biggest tip for this is to go first thing in the morning! My boyfriend and I were the first ones at the site and it was definitely worth it to have the waterfall to ourselves! Just be aware if you’re planning a trip to the Twin Falls anytime soon – you have to cross a small fresh water moving stream to get to the waterfalls. I would HIGHLY suggest bring a pair of water shoes so your feet don’t get cut up!

Growing up, my family and I have done our share of luau’s, but we haven’t gone back to one since I was in braces! We decided to go back to one as a grown family to experience the Mai Tai side of a luau. We went to the Old Lahaina Luau and I could not be more impressed with this show. The customer service was incredible, and the drinks were tasty too! Not to mention, the venue is right on the beach and watching the sun go down is definitely worth the cost of the ticket.

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