Valentine’s Day


I know, I know, we are just one week away from Valentine’s day. I have never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day presents. If i’m being honest, if my boyfriend wants to show affection towards me, I would prefer him to do it spontaneously, not on a designed holiday to do so. But anyways, Valentine’s Day is definitely a good excuse to get a fun dress and go out to dinner, whether it’s with your significant other or your best friends (I personally love Galentine’s Day!)

To celebrate the holiday, I’ve linked up some of my favorite Valentine’s/Galentine’s dresses for you to shop!

3 year anniversary


Holy moly, I can not believe that it has been three years since I sat down and wrote my first post on Simply Leopard. Three years ago seems like forever ago, I had just earned my masters degree in Magazine Journalism, moved back to California from Boston, and knew that I needed something to fill my free time (hello unemployment!) After going back and forth of what that could be, I decided that I wanted to create a blog. I wasn’t looking to be a “blogger,” or to make my blog into a job, I was just looking for something to put my knowledge and love for writing and design to good use. Hence, Simply Leopard.

Three years later and I still am posting and designing through this outlook. Although I might not post as consistently as I did when I first started, I still make sure to find time to keep my blog up to date. When I first started posting through this forum, I was posting content that was related to the type of writing I had just been doing (i.e., very journalismesq). But as my blog and my life has evolved, so has the content I’ve posted. I’ve allowed myself to get more personal through this forum (something you do not do in journalism) and I’ve decided to make my page and my social media more relatable. I’m not looking to educate people on the latest health fad or clothing trend, but I am hoping to inspire those reading to work, to travel, and to find time for their own outlook.

Going into this third year with my blog, I am challenging myself to continue posting more personal content, as this is something that doesn’t come easily to me. I will get back to a more consistent posting schedule, and I will try to weave in more design, fun articles, and humor! This past year and a half, I have been working on becoming a teacher (and I am now, woohoo) so at the end of the day, my focus went to my school work and tests, not to my blog. But that is going to change, because anyone that works with children knows that you need something for yourself!

Happy three years to Simply Leopard, I can’t wait to see how many more we can celebrate!



puppies > everything


I think it’s pretty apparent the love I have for dogs. My own personal pups, including the newest addition Belle, are constantly featured on my blog and in my Instagram posts. I am often asked about where I get my dog themed shirts, so I listed all my favorites for you to shop! (they are the majority of my shirts and the custom dog leggings!) (wine and puppy cuddles tee) (I just want to hang with my dog tee) (pets are people too sweater)

Unfortunately the company that makes Dogs and Dudes tee is no longer in business!