simple shirts


When it comes to day to day style, my main requirement is being comfortable. I am not one of those people that can be in clothes that are not easy. And by easy, I mean, clothes that are itchy, tight, or simply something I need to readjust each day. While I love dressing up on weekends or for date nights, I consider my day-to-day style to be relaxed yet attractive. That’s why jeans and a basic tee are my favorite daily staple. This shirt, while it’s a cotton shirt, has some fun flare to it. I linked up my favorite causal-chic shirts to wear with jeans below!

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introducing Belle


Say hello to little Belle! Over the holidays, my boyfriend was looking for a puppy to get his mom for Christmas. But when we saw Belle’s little face, we decided to get her too. After our New York New Years, we made a pitstop in Indiana to pick up the two little fur babies. We have had her for exactly one week, and boy, she’s adorable. Just check her out for yourself!

Follow along with Belle’s adventures @bellethebella