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Fitness is a huge part of my life. For me, I need to do some type of physical activity each day in order to feel like myself. Running, pilates, spinning, whatever it is, I helps me clear my head and press restart. I made a list of my three absolute favorite workouts in Orange County below, and I linked up some of my favorite workout gear!

Let me know if you have a must try fitness class!

My favorite workouts in Orange County:

Orange Theory Fitness: I love this workout because it involves a little bit of everything and definitely makes you sweat! For those who haven’t tried this workout yet, it’s interval training. So you might spend half your time doing cardio or rowing, and the other half of the time working on strength training. It’s such a great workout, and definitely affordable!

Villa Pilates and Yoga: This is a small pilates studio down in Newport Beach. I love coming here once or twice a week for reformer pilates. The studio only has 6 reformers, so you definitely feel like you’re taking a private class!

Soul Cycle: I love doing soul cycle either at the beginning or the end of the week. This is great way to get your metabolism up, a good sweat, and this is my favorite workout if I need a quick sweat since it’s only 45 minutes long!

Shop my favorite workout looks:


barre craze: lift, tone, burn


It’s no secret that I’m addicted to Pure Barre. I’ve written articles about it before, go multiple times a week, and live for the lift, tone, and burn. Because I love the workout so much, I wanted to share with you guys what it’s all about!

Overview: Pure Barre is a combination between ballet and Pilates with a boot-camp style vibe. Throughout the class, you use the stationary ballet bar, resistance weights, bands, and balls.

Length: 1 long, soul sucking hour

The Workout: The workout is broken into eight different segments.

  • You begin the class with a quick warm up – marching your knees up into your chest, while warming up your arms and upper back by pulling your arms down.
  • Then it’s time to warm up your abs with a variation of ab movements.
  • Next, you go into a set of 90 second planks, push ups, triceps push ups, side lunges, and weighted arm exercises.
  • Now it’s time to work on thighs. You have three different thigh exercises that work to strengthen and tone your outer and inner thighs.
  • Off to seat work. Seat, in pure barre language, means your butt. During this time, you complete two seat exercises on both the left and right side. (It burns.)
  • Once you’ve made it through all your lower body movements, it’s now time to move onto abs. You begin with working your upper abs, then your lower abs, then you go into the 7 minute full ab work.
  • Then you strengthen and lengthen your back.
  • And finally, you do one last seat and thigh workout to end the class.

Fitness Level: Beginner, intermediate, or advanced. All levels participate in the same class, but the instructors will modify the workout depending on each persons body.

Results: According to the Pure Barre website, you will start seeing results just after 10 classes if you take them two to three times a week. Personally for me, since incorporating Pure Barre into my regular work out routine, I have built tone legs, a flat stomach, and a strong upper back.

Gear: Now for the fun part, check out my favorite Pure Barre inspired looks to rock at your next class!

my favorite workout headphones


When you spend a lot of time running outside, at the gym, or taking care of errands, it’s important to have headphones that are comfortable in your ears. Believe me – when I lived in Boston, I lived in my headphones. After going through an awful pair and an awful pair, I quickly learned that spending a few extra dollars on a good pair can really make your day better. So, if you’re in need of a new pair, check out my favorite workout headphones!earphones1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8