2.5 year update



I've been doing this blog thing for about two and a half years now. What started as a hobby after receiving my masters degree and not having a full time job turned into a part of me. I started this blog because I felt like my voice and experiences could reach others. I was a well-traveled, well-trained 24 year old and I wanted to showcase my so-called "unique" perspective on life. Two and a half years later, Simply Leopard is still my part-time off the clock gig, and I wouldn't wish it any other way. I have put so much time and effort into creating the site, building my content, and expressing myself through this site and social media. And I can say, I truly love and am proud of my work on this blog.

Over the past year, I've been focusing on building my career as an teacher (hello elementary school!) So, that means lots of night classes, endless credential tests, and working in various schools throughout the week. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, my blog is often put on the back burner. I'm always thinking of my blog and what new content I can create – I just haven't had the time and mental energy to actually fully execute those ideas into content to share to all of you.

If i'm being honest, I have felt like my blog has turned away from my voice because I've been feeling the need to get a certain number of likes or followers. In addition to that, I have been pushing content that I can create quickly. While I love my fashion posts and my lifestyle posts (especially travel!), I feel like I could be doing better. The last few days I've been reflecting upon why I actually started Simply Leopard and what I want to be putting out into the blogosphere. I want to create more interesting blog posts, I want to feature items I truly do love, and I want to be more of a friend to my readers and followers. Overall, I want to begin putting that journalism master's degree to use and create engaging and useful posts that you all can relate to and appreciate.

Thank you for following along over the past two and a half years. Like any 26 year old, I've been changing my voice and outlook on life over and over again. I finally feel 100% good and happy about where I am, whether that be with my relationships, career, or myself. I hope you see that and I can't wait to see where this new challenge takes me and my blog!

Thank you all for your support, I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!



work life dresses


During the summer, finding something comfortable yet appropriate to wear to work is definitely a challenge when the temperatures are scorching. Since I work with children all day, it’s definitely important for me to be comfortable. However, a lot of my “comfortable” clothes consist of leggings, which is a no-no in my office.

Because I’ve been hunting for cute, breathy, and flowy dresses to wear from work to dinner, I linked up my favorite work life dresses for you to shop! If you’re like me and you struggle trying to keep your style while being able to move around without sweating, check this out!

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tops for jean shorts


I love wearing shorts during the hot months, but I often find it difficult to style them. Shorts often seem like they’re very casual, right? Because of this, I linked up some of my favorite tops that dress us a pair of shorts!

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