4th of july outfits


The 4th of July is easily one of my favorite holidays. My family and I always go up to Breckenridge, Colorado for the 4th. Breckenridge has a town parade, BBQ, live music, and the small town feel. This is definitely different then how Newport Beach celebrates the 4th, but I definitely prefer it. Since I love the fun clothing that comes with the 4th, I linked up my favorite 4th of July looks! This sweater, from Show Me Your Mumu, is linked below and you can BET I will be wearing this all day long!

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summer dresses


It’s summer time which means the temps are high and the dresses are short! I’ll keep this post simple, all my favorite summer dresses are linked up below! Shop, wear, and enjoy!

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fitness goals


Fitness is a huge part of my life. For me, I need to do some type of physical activity each day in order to feel like myself. Running, pilates, spinning, whatever it is, I helps me clear my head and press restart. I made a list of my three absolute favorite workouts in Orange County below, and I linked up some of my favorite workout gear!

Let me know if you have a must try fitness class!

My favorite workouts in Orange County:

Orange Theory Fitness: I love this workout because it involves a little bit of everything and definitely makes you sweat! For those who haven’t tried this workout yet, it’s interval training. So you might spend half your time doing cardio or rowing, and the other half of the time working on strength training. It’s such a great workout, and definitely affordable!

Villa Pilates and Yoga: This is a small pilates studio down in Newport Beach. I love coming here once or twice a week for reformer pilates. The studio only has 6 reformers, so you definitely feel like you’re taking a private class!

Soul Cycle: I love doing soul cycle either at the beginning or the end of the week. This is great way to get your metabolism up, a good sweat, and this is my favorite workout if I need a quick sweat since it’s only 45 minutes long!

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